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'I want to tell you a story'

So said Max Bygraves.  Story telling techniques can really bring your copy alive.
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Search Engine Optimisation

Your copywriting tip bundle

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Congratulations!  You've made it to Copywriting Tip No.23 of 24.  For today's tip,  I'm cheating.  I'm presenting you with a bundled of all the previous tips.  22 mini-morsels of word magic to help keep your blog, your web copy, newsletters, sales letters - engaging and effective.  There are no guarantees that, by using these techniques, you'll be flooded with hundreds of new enquiries.  But you will be giving yourself a far better chance of engaging effectively.  But what's this?  What's happened to tip no.24.  Well for that, you must be patient and check in tomorrow.

Targeting your reader

Who’s it to?

This time of year, every other Saturday afternoon, I cut a sad and
lonely figure.  You’ll see me spending the best part of two hours sitting
in the cold and wet.
The purpose?
To indulge a childhood habit of proffering my support to the somewhat less-than-mighty Northampton Town (aka The Cobblers) football team,
as they labour to avoid yet another morale-sapping defeat.

Space - your silent angel

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Admit it.  When you write, more than anything, you want to keep your reader engaged.

Think back to the last time you wrote a 1,000 page research paper.  Er ... OK then - a note for the Amazon delivery lady.
Whatever the length, circumstance or purpose of the exercise, your aim was surely the same - to keep the reader with you - to the very end.

Let it come from the heart

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Don't write - speak!

Let me tell you about Sean.
He's a landscape gardener, local to Northampton.

I first met him a while back at a Networking Breakfast.
He immediately struck me as a nice chap, attentive and courteous in every way.

He even had the good grace to listen to my unfunny anecdotes.
Sean dutifully introduced me to the other members of the group, making sure I wasn’t last in the queue for breakfast.

SEO - what counts and what doesn't count

SEO.  What’s the big deal?

The term SEO was first coined by one Jason Gambert, back in 1995.
He describes SEO as a process.
The process of engineering a website so that it appears as high as
possible in the search engines,
for specific key words or phrases.
Success with SEO means more website visitors.
Something we all want.


Biting that bullet

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What’s so great about bullet points?

✓ They’re wonderful
✓ They look cool
✓ Go on - admit it - you love ‘em
✓ Use them wisely and well … and your readers will love you too

The two main aims of a bullet point are to

(i)  make your words easier to read
(ii) allow you to highlight important points


A Beginner's Guide to Google Analytics

How much time do you spend on your various online marketing efforts?

Go on – be honest.

If you’re like me, you’ll tend to devote your energies to where you get the biggest buzz. It’s only natural. As a child at mealtimes, given half a chance, I’d polish off dessert before giving the main course a second glance. But wouldn’t you like to know which of your efforts is really bringing home the bacon?



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It gives me no pleasure to confess that I failed my Chemistry O Level.  Yes, I know – no need to rub it in – I’m old enough to remember O Levels.  I vaguely recall being useless at valences – never understood them.  But I do have a recollection of my Periodic Table.  That list of chemical elements, represented by a letter or two. By the way – why did the letters often bear no apparent relation to the chemical itself, as in Na for Sodium? The table looks something like this image on the left.

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