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"Be yourself ...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
northampton seo copywriter

... everyone else is already taken"

Wise words from Oscar Wilde - who doubtlessly was musing on the intricate art of composing commercially engaging web copy.
The estimable Mr. Wilde's words probably represent the single most important piece of advice you should take away from this series of copywriting tips ...

Keep it personal.


Almost every business (well, at least those who think about their customers) recognises this.
Ask any small to medium company.
They’ll tell you that their Unique Selling Proposition is the ability to offer a personal service.
(Even corporates like to create this impression - ads featuring friendly local bank managers,
braving wind and hail to visit a sheep farm in the remote wilds of North Wales.)

So, why is it that so few businesses reflect in their web content, this desire to come across as individuals.
Weird, isn’t it?
How about this from the Home Page section on the website of a local ‘solo’ plumber?

“We cover the entire county of Northamptonshire.  Our team even offers a weekend call-out service.”

When pressed, they’ll say, “I’ve used ‘we’ and ‘our’ because I don’t want people to think I’m a little one-man band.”

Don’t you?  Are you sure?  Isn’t that why they’re going to hire you in the first place?
Customers aren’t stupid.
They know that a solo business will enjoy lower overheads than a larger business and therefore charge lower prices.
And another thing - if you successfully con clients into believing that you’re a bigger business than you really are, how are they going to feel about you when they find out it’s just little old you?
Exactly!  You’ve broken the number one rule in business - trust.

“OK - but if I admit that the business is just me, my web copy will be full of the words, I, me, my.”  Ah - not so.  Here’s where good copywriting come in.

You can re-write those sentences above like this -

“Wherever you live in Northamptonshire, you’ll benefit from a weekend call-out service.”

(By the way, more about 'writing about you' tomorrow)

The lesson here should apply to every single word you write.

Be authentic.

Your readers will love you for it.

They really will.

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