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Blog writer's block - the cure?

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Blog writers block - cure it with research

Do you write a regular blog?  Or do you think you should write a regular blog, but you don’t … because of writer’s block.  Search online.  You’ll find hundreds of results for ‘writer’s block’.  Many of the articles advocate distraction - take a walk, cook a meal, phone a friend, bath the dog, cook the dog, bath a friend.  They might work for you.  They might not.  But whatever distraction technique we use, there’s no getting away from the harsh truth that, sooner or later, we must drag ourselves back to the PC and get serious about writing. <->


And sometimes we find that those clever, sometimes whacky distraction techniques haven't worked.

Within 30 seconds, we might still find ourselves, slumped, staring hangdog-faced at a blank screen.

But rejoice!  There is a cure.  It’s not exciting.  There’s no distraction involved.  You won’t be required to pot-roast your poodle.  This cure requires a simple, yet valuable technique that should, in double-quick time, cure those blog-writing blues.  It’s a technique called …

… research

Remember.  In your field, you’re an expert.  You’re skilled at what you do, and you enjoy your fair share of success.  But, you don’t know everything.  There’s always more to learn.  And isn’t that great?  How dull life would be if there were no new roads to travel.

Give yourself half an hour to research a couple of articles or blogs related to your sector.  You’re sure to stumble across a news item, or an opinion, or an opinion about a news item.  Maybe you’ll disagree with that opinion.  Maybe you won’t.   The point is this -

The more knowledge you have, the more possibilities you can play with.

The advertising and copywriting greats know the value of research.  David Ogilvy, the Grand old Duke of Advertising, urges us to “stuff your conscious mind with information” so you have plenty to work with.

Copywriting legend, Gary Bencivenga, writes -

“The best copywriters are the most tenacious researchers. Like miners, they dig, drill, dynamite, and chip until they have carloads of valuable ore ... Research is the infallible cure for writer's block.”

Three questions for you -

  • Do you suffer from writer’s block?
  • Have you ever cooked your dog?
  • What works for you as a cure for writer’s block?

Post your answers below ...

Post script - Two hours ago I was suffering from writer’s block.  I was fretting over what to write for today’s blog.   Now you know what I did about it smiley



Thank you Elly. That's a great tip. Don't know where I'm going to find a husband to review it, though. I'll make do with my wife. She has a sharp ear for what sounds good.

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