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The Euro-elections - who won? Brexit, Remain, or the Copywriter's craft?

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Or perhaps it was all three?

But first, let’s be clear -
this isn’t a party-political blog.
It's simply a sideways look at
the importance of ...
marketing clarity.


Let’s look at the Euro-election results for four of the major players.





OK - I plead guilty.
I’m being a trifle disingenuous in characterising the Labour and Conservative slogans in this way.
But isn’t it interesting?
The only political parties that show an increase in their share of the vote, compared to the previous Euro-elections, are those whose message is unequivocally clear.

The lesson for we business owners?
If we want to our ‘share of the vote’ to increase, let’s think hard about every single message we put out to the world.
Think like a copywriter.
Insist always on Accuracy, Brevity, and Clarity …
... and the greatest of these, of course, is Clarity.


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