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Fire That Copywriter - extract 1 - First Impressions

Sunday, February 3, 2019
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Extract1 - First Impressions



... Once you’ve settled on your website’s goal, you need to consider the best means towards achieving it.  Where better to start than with first impressions?

Number one - you need instant appeal.  No - not ‘need’.  You must have instant appeal.  The one question going through your visitor’s mind when they click to go through to your site is, to quote The Clash, ‘should I stay or should I go?’.

Without instant appeal, you’ve lost before you started.  If your website fails to instantly click with your visitor, then you might as well go back to spending £500 a month for ads in the local paper.

How many seconds does it take for someone to form their very first impression of your business?
10 seconds?
Nope - none of these.  Your precious website visitor, on whom your livelihood depends, who will feed your children and pay your golf club fees, will make their first judgement of your site in just under 0.5 seconds.  That’s all it takes for the visual signals to hit the retina, whizz along the optic nerve to the relevant brain cells and be processed by their opinion-forming brain cells.

You’ll have gathered by now that I’m a great fan of the power of words on websites.  But I’ll happily concede that your web words will have zero impact on this all-important split-second of judgement time.   This early phase of impression-forming will be down to your website’s design.  The imagery and the feel of the website.  But the words come a close second.
Here are two more stats -

1. Website visitors spend an average of 5.59 seconds looking at the words on a website before disappearing.
2. 88% of visitors never return, if they were unimpressed by their first visit.

These two facts alone should be enough to convince us of the importance of getting those first words right.
How do we do this? ...

So ends extract No.1, leaving you with an unanswered question, but then that's the whole idea.  Watch out for more extracts.  If you really like them, and find that you simply can't live without the book, drop me an email and I'll let you know when it's ready for publication!  I might even invite you to the official launch at the O2

Till the next time ...


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