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Fire That Copywriter! Extract 2 - Addressing the Pain Points

Monday, February 11, 2019
Fire That Copywriter

........  There are many marketers who think
way too hard about their target reader.
Their theory goes like this  -


Before you write, build a picture of a single individual.  Ask yourself questions about them.  Are they a man or a woman?  What age are they?  What’s their occupation?  Are they single or married?  Do they have children?  How many?  How do they spend their spare time?  What are their achievements, their challenges, their hopes and aspirations?  What do they eat for lunch?  Finally, (would you believe it?) if they were an animal, what animal would they be?

This creating of a precise 'avatar' is massively over the top.  Far better to focus your website content planning on your reader’s likely current situation  - on their probable ‘pain points’.  Pain points?  No - not what you might find in the DIY manual for amateur sadists.  Pain points are the need(s) that your business will resolve.  Think about how your products or services might satisfy your reader's pain points and then - write in the appropriate style.

Examples  -

·         Does your website offer funeral services?  Then write sensitively, in an empathetic style.  Lay off the hard sell.

·         Does your website promote lifestyle products?  You might think of writing in a relaxed, informal, upbeat manner.

·         Does your website offer legal services for accountants?  Maybe you’ll be writing in a serious, straightforward, informative manner.

You get the idea .......


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