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Fire That Copywriter - extract 3 - 'I' or 'We' - which should it be?

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
northamptonshire copywriter

Clients who are solo-professionals probably ask this question more than any other.  The dilemma is perfectly natural.  Think about it.  You work from home.  Maybe you have an office in the spare room.  Maybe you work at the kitchen table.  Nothing wrong with either.

Your physical location has little bearing on the scale of your business or the value of the work you produce.

‘But’, you’re thinking, ‘the last thing I want is for potential clients to think I’m a little one-person-band working out of the garden shed.  I’ll come across as a complete amateur.  I’m going to use ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ throughout the website.  That way, prospective clients will think I’m a big shot and worth dealing with.’

Let’s think about that again.  Let’s suppose you do clinch that big client - the one who has been so impressed with your website, that he believes he’s dealing with a sizeable company, with resources to match.  How will that client feel when he learns that, in fact, there is only you; when he asks you to carry out a major project, you’ll be away on holiday and have to let him down?  What then?

Look at the dilemma from the other side.  Your website gives the impression that you’re a large concern.  A potential client, himself a small business, is looking for your services.  Isn’t there a chance they’ll be put off by the apparent scale of your business?  They might be thinking,

'Hmmm ... big company = big overheads = big prices.'

Might they not be looking for a small company who can give them individual, personal attention at an affordable price?  If small businesses are your target market, aren’t you more likely to attract them, if that’s how you come across yourself?

And the key lesson?  Simple.  Just be authentic.  Be yourself.  As someone once said, 'everyone else is taken'.



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