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If? If? What do you mean IF?!?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
northampton content for websites

Writing a great Call-to-Action

At the end of an ad, how often do you read this?

“If you’d like to order, please call us on ...”
“If you want to find out more, then reply today …”
“If you’re looking for a great way to earn money from home, then get in touch …”

These are all examples of what those marketing folk label a Call To Action (CTA).

CTAs matter.  They really do.

There's no doubt you’re a brilliant writer.
(I’m sure someone told me you are.  Maybe it was you!)

So, your newsletter, sales letter or Google Adwords copy will be beautifully put together.  You’ve researched the subject, structured your sales copy, written it, re-written it, edited it, polished it within an inch of its life, and you’ve closed with -

‘If you’d like to place an order … ‘.

But can this be true?  After all your carefully crafted copy, you’re prepared to allow your reader to entertain the possibility that they might not buy from you?!?  This is the impression you give with that wishy-washy, conditional word ‘if’.

You need to command your reader to fill out that form, make that purchase, pick up that phone.  This is not a time for tip-toeing around.

Try these –

For your free quote, call us today ...
Find out more – complete this enquiry form - today …
Discover a great way to earn money from home. Get in touch …

Even better – give your reader an irresistible reason for acting, such as …

Order today and claim your free 6 issues …
Subscribe now and claim 20% off …

Commanding your readers won’t guarantee they act.
But the sense of urgency you generate will nudge them firmly in your direction.


Till the next time

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