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Why good copy really does matter

Thursday, December 14, 2017
norhampton web copy copywriting

Copywriting - the Cinderella of marketing?

Words.  Remember them?  Those funny squiggly things, scrawled across a page.
Do you know what?  They matter.  You’d think this was self-evident.
But it’s strange (and deeply, desperately disappointing to professional copywriters) how often words go unappreciated.

For too many business owners (not you of course!), good copy is just an afterthought.

You'd be staggered if you knew how often I hear comments like these -

"I wrote the copy for my website. My wife checked it over.  She’s always been good at spelling."

"Oh, I do all the copy myself.  I’m quite good at English.  I got a good grade at A Level."

Now, it’s a while since I studied for English A Level.  OK, I admit it, but keep it to yourself.  It was 45 years ago.  But, if my memory serves me correctly, writing commercially engaging copy didn’t take up a significant chunk of the syllabus.  Neither did calls-to-action, headline writing, key word research, anchor text or Search Engine Optimisation.

Do these self-made copywriters enjoy the same confidence about other skills?  Do they carry out their own plumbing and boiler servicing?  Would they happily re-wire their own home?  Would they write the code for their own website?  Maybe ... but probably not.  The large majority of us leave such jobs to the experts.

So why should copywriting be any different?

I’m not suggesting for a tiny moment that web design doesn’t matter.  A visually attractive website is vital for both capturing and keeping the attention of the visitor.  But (and it’s a whopping big ‘but’), however attractive the graphics and layout might be, they are merely the canvas for the copy.

It’s the words that do the business.
Clear words get the message across.  Concise words avoid confusion. Compelling words promote action. Words make the offer. Words seal the deal. Words - make - stuff - happen.

And here ends today’s rant!

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