Become a Carbon Neutral Company

How much do you care ...

... about the future of this beautiful, fragile planet?

... about the human race and its fellow species who temporarily inhabit it?

Are you prepared to do your bit?

Not in the long term. Nor the medium term. But in the immediate short term - or to put it another way - now!

Will you make your business carbon neutral?
Simply by offsetting your business's carbon footprint, you will definitely be doing your bit. That's what Beyond Carbon Neutral is all about - putting back the valuable carbon that we all use. It really is that simple. Here's the story -

Beyond Carbon Neutral is a gathering of like-minded companies wishing to be part of the movement to improve our world for future generations

By deciding to become carbon neutral, our goal is to inspire other small businesses to do the same. We want to show that small businesses everywhere support the many initiatives, both nationally and worldwide, to say

‘Yes, we can make a difference!’

It's so easy to take part. Just a few simple steps -

  1. Go to Beyond Carbon Neutral
  2. Gather together all the info you have about your annual use of gas, electricity, fuel etc
  3. Input the data into the carbon calculator
  4. Bingo! Your annual carbon footprint will be calculated - along with the sum you need to pay to offset it
  5. Choose from several charities dedicated to the re-establishment of rain-forests
  6. Download your certificate and your digital badge for you to use on your own website and marketing materials

That's it. The entire process took me just over an hour and the cost to Copywriter Pro? £41.47

Beyond Carbon Neutral is new. We're young and we're growing - fast.


Is there a single reason?

Take a look here at the companies that have already signed up.

Then ask yourself - is there a single reason why you can't sign up, spend a few hours and a few pounds to ... do your bit?

Thank you!

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