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Fire That Copywriter - extract 3 - 'I' or 'We' - which should it be?

northamptonshire copywriter

Clients who are solo-professionals probably ask this question more than any other.  The dilemma is perfectly natural.  Think about it.  You work from home.  Maybe you have an office in the spare room.  Maybe you work at the kitchen table.  Nothing wrong with either.

Fire That Copywriter! Extract 2 - Addressing the Pain Points

Fire That Copywriter

........  There are many marketers who think
way too hard about their target reader.
Their theory goes like this  -


Before you write, build a picture of a single individual.  Ask yourself questions about them.  Are they a man or a woman?  What age are they?  What’s their occupation?  Are they single or married?  Do they have children?  How many?  How do they spend their spare time?  What are their achievements, their challenges, their hopes and aspirations?  What do they eat for lunch?  Finally, (would you believe it?) if they were an animal, what animal would they be?

Fire That Copywriter - extract 1 - First Impressions

COPYWRITING fire that copywriter


Extract1 - First Impressions



... Once you’ve settled on your website’s goal, you need to consider the best means towards achieving it.  Where better to start than with first impressions?

Number one - you need instant appeal.  No - not ‘need’.  You must have instant appeal.  The one question going through your visitor’s mind when they click to go through to your site is, to quote The Clash, ‘should I stay or should I go?’.

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