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Sales Letters

Did King Lear get it right?

Shakespeare's half-demented, disillusioned King Lear, once intoned threateningly, "Nothing will come from nothing!".  Was he right?

I guess he probably wasn't referring to the art of effective business writing.  But if, by chance, he was, then he was surely way off the mark.

Because, in all kinds of business writing, plenty will definitely come from nothing.


Size Matters ...

... but not always in the way you might expect

Welcome to tip No. 2  from your Friendly Copywriter...


Was it Winnie The Pooh who once said -
"It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like 'What about lunch?'"

Imagine the scene -
You’re writing a Sales Letter, promoting your latest widget. So – what’s the most important thing?
'Being professional?'
Well that's arguable ...
but tell us what you mean by 'professional'.

Proofreading Perfection - just a pipe-dream?

Welcome to tip No. 1  from your Friendly Copywriter.


Don't you just hate it?
the art of the impossible.
18 months ago, I produced our very first Copywriter Pro leaflet.  The design was great Thank you Mark Coster from Pixooma.  The print quality was the best (fine work, The Braunston Family from Braunston Print).
OK - enough plugs for these wonderful people.

Mind the Gap

Gaps matter - they really do.

Admit it.  When you write something, more than anything you want to keep your reader engaged.

Whether you're writing a 1,000 treatise or a note to the milkman, your aim is the same - to keep the reader with you - to the bitter end.

Jargon Buster No. 2 - ... Removing the clouds from our clients' business growth mountain

Did you see last night's episode of  The Apprentice?  The first in the new series.  Here's what young Richard, the self-styled 'Swiss Army Knife of Business' says of his own business, The Trailblazer -

"The Trailblazer is a fully managed and implemented business growth campaign, that starts with a focussed basis to remove the clouds from our clients' business growth mountain, so they can clearly see the summit they are aiming for."

Hmmmm, Richard.

Let's think again - How about - "We help businesses grow"?



You’re writing a Sales Letter, promoting your latest filing system. So – what’s the most important thing?

'Be professional?'

Well yeeeees …. But what do you mean by ‘professional’?

'Make sure I use proper business-like words. Like this –'


Dear Mr. Jones


I am pompous and self-important – well, that’s what my wife says.
The trouble is, I fear she might be right; at least when it comes to our beloved English language.
I confess. My stomach churns when I’m subjected to another charmless change imposed upon my sweet, loveable, yet so vulnerable English language.  Whether it’s the cruel demise of ‘fewer’ or ‘uninterested’, or the heartless substitution of ‘I’m good’ for ‘I’m very well thank you’, my response is the same. I become a grumpy old curmudgeon.


THE JARGON BUSTER No. 1 - Focus on the business drivers that provide a tangible compelling reason to leverage mobility in various functions

Every now and then I come across a piece of web copy that is staggering in its communicative ineptitude.  For some reason, the perpetrator is, more often than not, from ‘across the pond’.  Why is this?  Any ideas?

Putting Your Best Font Forward

Have you ever visited a website and been totally turned off by the font style? I have.

The words may be elegantly and succinctly crafted. The website itself might be the work of a graphic genius, but … if the font makes the reading experience like a trudge through sticky toffee pudding, then – what’s the point?

Colin Wheildon puts it succinctly. In of Type & Layout: Are You Communicating or Just Making Pretty Shapes?, he says:

Icebergs, Pruning and Hemingway

Copywriting Lessons We Can Learn from one of the Great Story Tellers

In spite of what you might have heard, Copywriting isn’t easy – not even for an experienced copywriter. But boy it can be tough for a novice!

Most copywriters would agree that the trickiest part is keeping it brief. (My family will back me up when I confess that brevity in conversation is not my strength). When you’re writing copy, the easy bit is bashing out your ideas onto a Word document.


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