Copywriting for Lawyers - Solicitors, Barristers, Legal Executives


Do you run a law firm? Are you a solicitor, barrister or legal executive?
Then you need copy that's professional and informative yet clear and concise.
You need web copy and marketing materials that sweep away the waffle and helps your clients understand quickly
and clearly about how you'll support them.

I'll provide you with clearly written

  • Web Content
  • Brochures
  • Articles
  • Letters of Introduction
  • Templates for Client Letters


"In our sector, we just don’t know how to communicate with clients
in a 'human' way."

I've lost count of the number of times I've heard lawyers make this confession.

It’s hardly their fault. The language with which lawyers are familiar is so often ‘legalese’. So many potential law firm clients are turned off by the communications they receive. In short, lawyers often end up alienating clients by sounding like, well, lawyers.

Here’s just one example –

“I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated the 2nd of April. The purpose of my suggestion that my client purchases an area of land from yourself is that this can be done right up to your clearly defined boundary in which case notwithstanding that the plan is primarily for identification purposes on the ground the position of the boundary would be clearly
ascertainable this in our opinion would overcome the existing problem.”


Be approachable

I've worked with numerous law firms - helping their Practice to come across as more accessible. I'll write your website and brochure content in a way that makes you come across, not just as efficient and professional, but also as approachable.


SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Writing website copy for lawyers, SEO really matters. It's vital to keep up to date with the latest Google algorithms. I make sure your web copy is Google friendly - giving your web pages the best chance of climbing the search engine results pages and staying there!

Read more about SEO - Search Engine Optimisation.


Here are some of the great Law Firms I've written copy for ...

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Just a quick note - believe it or not, a few clients occasionally make amendments to their web copy without first running it past their copywriter. Now - I know you'd never contemplate such a thing, but do bear in mind - the copy on these websites might have changed a fraction since first created.



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