How one small word united a nation - maybe just a tiny bit


Here's an illustration of how one small word can make all the difference.

Not long ago, the Australian government decided to change their National Anthem ... well, a tiny part of it.
They swapped out a simple five-letter word for a three-letter one.
In so doing, our Antipodean friends took a small, yet significant step towards uniting their nation.

The line used to go -

"For we are young and free".

Understandably, the indigenous Australians took exception.
Why wouldn't they?
After all, they'd lived there for thousands of years and viewed the words as offensively crass.

Now the line reads

"For we are one and free".

What a difference!

Check out your website copy.
Could you improve its engagement by amending a single word or phrase?
Worth a look, don't you think?


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Jan 22, 2024
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