Copywriter 101

Fancy doing your own copywriting?
Not a step we'd necessarily recommend, but if you insist - then we'd love to help!

Here's what you get -

1. A detailed review of your website content - a few pointers on your website design, plus recommendations on how to improve the copy.

2. A 30-minute Zoom consultation. We'll go through the recommendations with you to make sure they're clear.

3. You'll receive Copywriter 101 - a workbook comprising 14 copywriting tips. Each tip comes with

- a full explanation
- examples of the tips in action
- exercises for you to have a go at yourself

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All this for just £101!

Then - should you decide to take us on, after all, to write your website copy,
for a quote in excess of £500, we'll refund your £101,
reducing the cost of the job down to as little as £399.

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