Business Letters & Mailshots

Writing business letters, mailshots, quotes & estimates

First impressions are so important.
Imagine you're planning to send out a mailshot to promote your new services or products.

What will your prospects think if your mailshot is dotted with

  • spelling mistakes?
  • missing punctuation?
  • grammatical errors?
  • long-winded waffly sentences?

Business letter makeover

Shops. Remember them? Remember the importance of a smart, attractive and well-arranged window display? What about when you visit a client? Would you turn up scruffily dressed, your shirt tastefully decorated with this mornings breakfast? Written communications are no different. They really matter.

Maybe your business communications need that all-important makeover.


More than words - laying out the 'Welcome' mat

Yes - spelling, punctuation and grammar all count. But so does the overall layout and appearance. When your prospect opens the envelope, only to be faced with a solid block of text, like a page from a Dickens novel, they won't relish reading it. Your letters should have

  • well-thought out headlines and sub-headings
  • bulleted lists
  • an easy-to-read, neat font
  • plenty of 'white space'

In short, your prospect needs to feel welcome.

Capture their attention and you'll be half-way to capturing their business.


A whole suite of documentation

We're talking here about more than just sales letters.

  • Estimates & Quotes
  • Letters of introduction
  • Job offers
  • Offers of promotion

Then there are ‘difficult’ letters –

  • Redundancy notices
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Letters of condolence
  • Chasing payment

To represent your business professionally, each of these needs to be professionally written and professionally designed.

As an experienced business writer, I’ll produce for you a whole suite of letters and documentation, each designed specifically to present your business in the best possible light.

You might be surprised by how quickly I can turn round your urgent business letter.
However small the task, just give me a call.

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