Business Letters - are yours doing justice to your brand?

You use business letter templates. Every business does.

  • Letters of engagement
  • Estimates & Quotes
  • Letters of introduction
  • Job offers
  • Offers of promotion
  • Chasing payment

To represent your business effectively, each of these needs to be professionally written and professionally designed.


Business letter templates makeover

So many businesses fall back on the business letter templates supplied by their trade organisation. These letters are almost always stiff, formal and robotic. Instead, you should be thinking of every single one as an opportunity to reinforce your business's personality - in other words, promoting your brand.


Professional letter templates

First impressions are so important.
Imagine you're planning to send out a quote to a potential client, or a letter of engagement to a brand new one.

What will they think of you and your business if your letter is dotted with

  • spelling mistakes?
  • missing punctuation?
  • grammatical errors?
  • long-winded waffly sentences?

As an experienced business writer, I’ll produce for you a whole suite of letters and documentation, each designed specifically to present your business with its own distinctive personality.


One-off business letters

Sometimes there are letters you need to write for which you don't have a template. They might be one-offs.
These might be what you could call 'difficult' letters.

  • Dealing with complaints
  • Letters of condolence
  • Chasing payment with a long-standing client

Sometimes, these letters are urgent. Don't worry - I'll turn them round quickly.
However small the task, just give me a call.


More than words - laying out the 'Welcome' mat

It's true - spelling, punctuation and grammar all count. But so does the overall layout and appearance. When your prospect opens the envelope, only to be faced with a solid block of text, like a page from a Dickens novel, they won't relish reading it. Your letters should have

  • well-thought out headlines and sub-headings
  • bulleted lists
  • an easy-to-read, neat font
  • plenty of 'white space'

In short, your prospect needs to feel welcome.

Capture their attention, express your personality and you'll be half-way to capturing their business.

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