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Presenting a 'Human Face' to your Clients

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As a Solicitor, Lawyer or Barrister you need copy that's professional and informative yet compelling.
You need content that sweeps away the waffle and helps your clients understand quickly
and clearly about

  • the services you offercontent for lawyers copywriter
  • how you can help them

I write

  • Web Content
  • Copy for Brochures
  • Newspaper Advertorials
  • Letters of Introduction
  • Templates for Client Letters
  • Customer Newsletters

With carefully and sparingly chosen words, I'll write words for your practice with
one aim in mind -
To grab and keep the attention of your clients, both new and old.

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You'll need web content that's written in an SEO friendly manner..
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"In our sector we just don’t know how to communicate with clients
in a 'human' way."

I've lost count of the number of times I've heard lawyers make this

It’s hardly their fault.
How could they possibly have learned this skill?
Since university, they’ve spoken and written only in ‘legalese’.
It’s the only language they know.
So many clients, both potential and current, are turned off by the convoluted
and long-winded communications they receive.
In short, lawyers often end up alienating clients by sounding like, well, lawyers.

Here’s just one example –

“I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated the 2nd of April. The purpose of my suggestion that my client purchases an area of land from yourself is that this can be done right up to your clearly defined boundary in which case notwithstanding that the plan is primarily for identification purposes on the ground the position of the boundary would be clearly
ascertainable this in our opinion would overcome the existing problem.”

Use the Copywriter's Craft to Engage with Your Clients

  • Begin with your audience.  Always, always, always think about the person who’ll be reading your words.  Don’t try and impress them with your knowledge of long legal words and expressions.  It won’t work.  Instead – impress them with your ability to get across your points briefly and clearly.  If your client understands your advice, she or he is much more likely to act on it!

  • Where you need to explain something technical, do it simply.  Imagine your doctor talked to you about metatarsals, tarsals and phalanges, when they were really just telling you about your toes and feet?

  • Your reader will almost certainly have no interest in the law unless it relates to their current situation.  So – unless they’re absolutely necessary, leave out the legal technicalities and case names.

  • Use pronouns or proper names.  Avoid ‘respondent’ and ‘appellant’.  Use ‘seller’, not ‘vendor’

  • Avoid words that aren’t part of normal English.  No one we’ve ever met starts sentences with ‘Absent’, ‘Hitherto’ or ‘Notwithstanding’.  Writing like that doesn’t make you sound more ‘expert’; it just makes you sound pompous and out of touch.  When you really must use a legal term, give a simple English explanation.

  • If you really feel you can’t make these changes in the way you write to your clients, find yourself a Copywriter who can!


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