Copywriting for Builders, Electricians, Plumbers - and all the Trades


Are you in the Trades sector? Are you

  • a plumber?
  • a gas-safety engineer?
  • a builder?
  • an electrician?
  • a roofer?
  • a plasterer?

Maybe you've got a great website. Good! But is it doing the job for you that it should be doing? Is it attracting the kind of clients your business really needs? To be successful, your website needs to be waffle-free - concise, professional, informative. This isn't as easy as it sounds - but it's where a good copywriter can help.


Great website copy for the Trades sector

Copywriting for the trades needs to be clear and concise. You need web copy that grabs and keeps your readers' attention, inspiring them to pick up the phone and find out more.

I'll provide engaging and effective copy for your

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Quote & estimtes
  • Brochures
  • Standard business letters


SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

When I write web copy for the Trades sector, I always write in an SEO friendly manner. It's vital to keep abreast of the latest Google algorithms, making sure your web copy is Google-friendly. Written in this way, your website will have every chance of climbing the Search Engines - and staying there!

Read more about SEO - Search Engine Optimisation.


Here are some of the great Tradespeople I've written web copy for ...

Click the URL to visit the website.

Just a quick note - believe it or not, a few clients occasionally make amendments to their web copy without first running it past their copywriter. Now - I know you'd never contemplate such a thing, but do bear in mind - the copy on these websites might have changed a fraction since first created.

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