HR Copywriter

What is an HR copywriter?

Well, in my case, an HR Copywriter – or at least this one – is a copywriter who’s very happy in his work!

In brief, I write content about all things HR topic.

This could be for mega-HR corporates, or for enterprising, independent HR freelancers or consultants … and anybody between.

By ‘content’, I mean HR copy for

  • Websites
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Letters of introduction
  • Blogs
  • Leaflets

Essentially, anything where words are required I love getting stuck in.

Why do clients choose me to write their HR content?

What clients seem to like most about the HR content I create is that I'm able to write in their voice.

That old cliche, 'people buy from people' rings so true in the world of HR. After all, the sector is all about people - individuals.

So that's what my main focus in my HR copywriting work.


How does an HR copywriter work?

It's a straightforward process

We'll sit down together and chat through the important stuff - what makes your HR business special:

  • your fields of expertise
  • your company ethos
  • your specialisms
  • your challenges
  • your ambitions
  • We'll discuss your clients - how you benefit them.

I'll then produce HR copy that presents your firm in a professional, positive light - copy that will inspire your clients to pick up the phone and find out more.


SEO - Search Engine Optimisation for HR

SEO can be key to writing effective website or blog copy.

I keep abreast with the latest Google algorithms, making sure your web copy is Google-friendly.

I also work with partners in SEO. Together, we'll give your web pages a great chance of climbing the search engine results pages and staying there!

Read more about our SEO services.


Using compelling HR web copy to make your company irresistible

By working with you to write your HR web copy and marketing content, we'll make sure that your comes across is a business that's great to deal with -

professional and efficient as well as approachable and responsive.

We’ll support you with all your digital marketing content that communicates your services clearly and effectively.

We’ll get across your 'human' side. Being an HR copywriter is a specialism - certainly one that wouldn't have been part of your HR training.

For HR copy to be effective - to promote a response from your target audience - it needs to be informative and accurate.

It also needs to engage - to inspire.


Why do I need an HR Copywriter?

In the complex world of HR, change is an almost daily process.

With every change of government, or Secretary of State, comes new laws and regulations.

Clear and effective communications are essential.

Your role is to convey new information in a way that's easy to understand and it's mot easy.

With a skilled HR copywriter at your side, you can clear away the heavy jargon and turn the most challenging HR jargon into simple, engaging content.

You can easily get across all that your clients need to know with total clarity.


Enhancing your professional image

Trust is a massive factor in HR.

Your professional image is vital in building that trust with clients.

Your HR copywriter will help you present your services - and the benefits of those services - in a way that's professional and polished.

We'll ensure your website, brochures, reports, emails and your LinkedIn profile are both informative and appealing.

We'll help you to boost your credibility and help you to stand out in a competitive market.


HR Copywriting and Effective Marketing

Marketing in HR is about so much more than listing your services.
It's about connecting with your audience - and first of all, understanding who that audience is.

We'll help you to understand how to craft messages that resonate with your target clients.

We'll highlight your unique selling points, making your services more attractive to potential clients.


Saving you time and money

You and your colleagues are, of course, HR experts, but copywriting experts?

Possibly not!

Crafting compelling content takes know-how, time and effort.

Hiring an HR copywriter will free up your time. We'll look after your blogging campaign and sort out your social media posts.

All this freeing up your time to focus on what you do, and enjoy doing, most - sorting out your clients' issues.

Just as you save them time and money, I'll do the same for you!


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