Heart Attacks and Newsletters - there's a link
Last Tuesday's heart attack came as a bit of a shock. In the great scheme of life (and, I guess, death too) - heart attacks are not unusual. They happen. Although, for me, I suppose this was a first. The unhappy event came as a particular surprise. You see, my family basks complacently in a history of hale and healthy hearts. Going back generations, ancestor after ancestor has successfully defied the odds of coronary mortality. My lot simply live a long, long time. A fact freely acknowledged by friends and business associates who forever remark (usually when they think I'm out of earshot) upon my ability to 'go on and on'?
Apr 18, 2020
A seasonal newsletter tip! Don't be wary ...
...of being scary. After all - it's Halloween! It's true. I'm an old grump. But just for once, I'll park my traditional curmudgeon and invoke the nonsense world of spooks and ghouls. Believe me - I don't find this easy. This post is all about scaring your newsletter readers into action.  Why? Because it's the best route to newsletter success.
Oct 14, 2019
"Be yourself ... everyone else is taken"
This saying is attributed to Oscar Wilde - the chap on the right. But this blog is really about a gentleman who bears no resembance whatever to the famous Victorian man of letters. This blog is about Sean. Sean is a landscape gardener, local to Northampton. I first met him a while back at a networking breakfast. He immediately struck me as a nice chap, attentive and courteous in every way. Sean even had the good grace to listen to my unfunny anecdotes.
Jun 10, 2019
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