King Lear and the art of Nothing

When going through one of his demented, delusional, yet piercingly insightful phases, Shakespeare's King Lear, once intoned threateningly, "Nothing will come from nothing!". Was he right?

I guess he probably wasn't referring to the art of effective business writing. But if, by chance, he was, then he was surely way off the mark.

Because, in all kinds of business writing, plenty will definitely come from nothing.

The beauty of space in copywriting

Every time you write something, anything - a note to the Amazon delivery man or your 995-page epic novel (What?  You haven't started it yet?  Better get a move on!) - what do you really want to achieve?

My guess is this - you want your reader to reach the end.

When writing for your business, it's essential that you pull your reader with you right through to the very end of your web page, sales letter, blog, newsletter, case study, tender document.

A sure-fire way to achieve this is with gaps. And what are gaps made from? They are, of course, made from nothing at all.

Now King Lear tells us that

"nothing will come from nothing"

Of course, he's well wide of the mark - because plenty will come from inserting plenty of nothing into your copy.
Lots of engaged readers, for a start, poised to respond to your copy with a phone call or an email.

Present your reader with a hefty block of text, and in no time, their mind will wander off to pastures far more fascinating.  This applies even more to online content than the printed page.

However, break up your page with spaces between paragraphs (and even between sentences) and it's uncanny how long your reader will stick around.

Aug 31, 2019
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