'Be bold, bloody and resolute!' How to write a great Call To Action

Those witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth sure knew a thing or two about writing great copy - particularly when it came to that all-important Call-To-Action. They knew that, to get someone to do something, it's no good pussyfooting around. Just tell 'em!

How to write a compelling Call-to-Action

At the end of an email newsletter or a web page, how often do you read this?

“If you’d like to order, please call us on ...”
“If you want to find out more, then reply today …”
“If you’re looking for a great way to earn money from home, then get in touch …”

These are all Calls To Action (CTAs).

No time to be delicate

CTAs matter.  They really do. But would these three feeble efforts persuade you to act - to pick up the phone or place an order?

Let's go back a step.
There's no doubt you’re a brilliant copywriter.
(I’m sure someone told me you are.  Maybe it was you!)

So, your webpage, newsletter, sales letter or Google Adwords copy will be beautifully put together.  You’ve researched the subject, structured your sales copy, written it, re-written it, edited it, polished it within an inch of its life, and you’ve closed with -

‘If you’d like to place an order… ‘.

But what’s this?  'If ...'?? After all your carefully crafted copy, you allow your reader to entertain the possibility that they might not buy from you?!?  This is the impression you give when you use 'if' in this way.

Don't use it. Drop it. Instead, be firm. Rather than asking or advising them, instruct your reader to fill out that form, make that purchase, pick up that phone.  This is no time to be delicate.

Try these –

For your free quote, call us ...
Find out more – complete this enquiry form - today…
Discover a great way to earn money from home. Get in touch …


Convey confidence and conviction

You see - people like to be told what to do. Weird as it might sound, the air of conviction that an instruction conveys give the reader confidence that you genuinely and passionately believe in the product or service you’re promoting.

Even better than simply instructing your reader – give them an irresistible reason for acting, such as …

Order today and claim your free 6 issues
Subscribe now and get 20% off

Instructing your readers won’t guarantee they buy from you. But it will be far more effective than hinting, suggesting or intimating. Be strong. Sound confident. Your sense of urgency and conviction will do the trick. It really will.


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Dec 9, 2019
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