Bite that bullet!

Bite that bullet - One of the easiest and most effective ways to encourage your reader to stick with you

What’s so special about bullet points?

✓ They’re great

✓ They look cool

✓ Admit it - you love ‘em

✓ Use them … and your readers will love you too


The two main purposes of bullet points are to

(i) make your copy easier to read

(ii) allow you to highlight specific points


Be honest – Who really wants to read your web copy or blog copy in full?

Every beautifully crafted sentence?

Every lovingly indulged turn of phrase?

OK, I know you do, but are you 100% sure that the same goes for all your readers?

Dream on.


Here’s another question -

Who will love you if you make skimming easy?



How to format your Bulleted List

  • Be consistent
  • Use the same style bullet point
  • For each bullet point, leave the same space between the bullet and your text
  • Try and start each point with the same word ‘type’ e.g. verb, adjective
  • Don’t use full-stops at the end of each point
  • Try using a mini-version of your logo, as in the right-hand image above - it can be effective
  • Sometimes, but not always, sub-bullet-points can work

     ✩ like this

          > or this But ... be careful! Sub-bullet points can be dangerous

             – they can confuse

                ✚ readers

                 – get lost

                 – lose track

They can look untidy.

Just a quick note - think carefully about your choice of bullet point. They can add so much to the message you’re trying to convey. For example, if you’re presenting a list of benefits, you can’t beat the bright, friendly ✓.

So - there we have it. Your lightning-quick course on the beauty of the bullet.


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Jun 7, 2020
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