Don't be Passive - be Active

... or how to come across as the warm, welcoming business you really are.

How do you want to come across in your business communications?
1. Officious? Stand-off-ish? Remote?
2. Warm, friendly and approachable?

Let me have a wild guess.
I'm going for no.2.

It's all about your 'voice'

One of the simplest ways to get across that you're eminently cuddlable is a simple, and yet often-ignored, writing technique.

It's all to do with using the ACTIVE as opposed to the PASSIVE voice .... like this -

Passive - Your was parcel was sent last week.
Active - We sent your parcel last week.
Passive - Our whisky is distilled three times.
Active - We distil our whisky three times.
Passive - You'll be taken to the airport in time for your 8.30 flight.
Active - We'll take you to the airport in time for your 8.30 flight.

See how, in each case, the Active Voice is so much more personal and engaging?

To write in the active, you need to put the thing/person that's doing the actual 'doing' at the start of the sentence.
In the above examples, We, We and We'll.
Got it? I knew you would.
Use the Active Voice and your readers will love you even more than they do already!
oh and one other thing - the more engaging you are, the more those SEO algorithms will love you too!


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Jul 17, 2021
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