Blog writer's block - a cure

Does writer’s block put you off writing a blog?

You might have read that distraction is the best cure - take a walk, cook a meal, phone a friend, bath the dog, cook the dog, bath a friend. Any of these might work … or they might not. Sooner or later, we must drag ourselves back to the PC and get serious about writing.


Here’s the good news! There is a cure. There’s no distraction involved. And you won’t be required to pot-roast your poodle. It’s a simple technique known as … research.

Remember. In your field, you’re the expert. But, you don’t know everything. There’s always more to learn. You need to turn this knowledge gap to your advantage. Give yourself half an hour to research a couple of articles or blogs related to your sector. You’re sure to stumble across a news item, or an opinion that will inspire you to come up with a blog. Maybe you’ll disagree with that opinion. Maybe you won’t. The point is this -

The more knowledge you have, the more possibilities you can play with for coming up with the perfect blog.



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Jul 26, 2021
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