A Capital Idea

It's all about clarity

Some of the biggest brands ignore this one.  When you write your domain name, either as your email address or your web address, always capitalise the first letter of each word - like this - www.CopywriterPro.co.uk.  It makes it so much easier for the brain to take it in.

We all need to think carefully about our domain names. Otherwise you might suffer some considerable embarrasment. Probably the most notorious case is that of the unfortunately named purveyor of writing instruments - Pen Island. At first glance, the brand certainly looks harmless enough ... but take a look at their domain - penisland.net. Hmmm ... not ideal. You'd have thought they'd capitalise the 'P' and the 'I' but, visit their website, and you'll see they've left it as it is. Perhaps they enjoy the notoriety.

If, like me, you're cursed with a childish sense of humour, here's a bunch of other unfortunate domain names, all of which would benefit from a touch of judicious capitalisation. Enjoy!

Apr 24, 2019
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