How to write a Call To Action that works.

Calls To Action - we all know how important they are.
But how easy are they to write?

Your Call To Action is what inspires your reader to act –

- to pick up the phone
- to complete a form
- to buy your product
- to sign up for your newsletter
- to download an infographic.

Your CTA can take the form of a button or text. e.g.

'If you want to know more, send us an email.'
'If you would like to receive more information, do not hesitate to get in touch.'
'If you need any assistance, then just complete the form below.'

By the way - what do you think of those examples?
I’ll help you out.
They're terrible - real shockers! Hopelessly woolly.

Let me explain -

If you want your CTA to work, don’t ask.
Don't suggest.
Don't nudge or beg your potential client to act.
Just tell them.
That’s right – instruct them. Don’t worry – they won't think you're being pushy.
You're simply being helpfully direct … and that’s what your readers need.
They want clear, unambiguous direction as to what their next step should be.

Better still - give them a reason - a benefit - as to why they should act – e.g

'Take the first step to a good night’s sleep. Download your SleepEezy video now!'
'Find your ideal holiday let. Click here.'
'Start saving on your utility bills today. Call today.'

Be direct. It works.


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Dec 13, 2022
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