Pack a Powerful Copywriting Punch - make the most of strong verbs

Strong verbs should be the rocket fuel of your writing, propelling your sentences with power and precision.
By choosing strong verbs, you'll transform your writing from flat to fascinating.

Let's look at how strong verbs will elevate your writing, making it more compelling and engaging for your readers.


So then - what's a strong Verb?

Strong verbs describe actions in a way that's vivid and specific.
They create a clear picture in the reader's mind, making your writing more memorable.
For instance, "strode" not only tells us that someone moved, but how they moved, adding depth to the narrative.


Why Use Strong Verbs?


Three good reasons -

  1. Clarity
    Strong verbs cut through the clutter, delivering your message with clarity. They eliminate the need for additional adjectives or adverbs, making your writing more concise - instead of he walked quickly (verb - adverb), write he sped.

  2. Engagement
    Strong verbs grab your reader's attention, drawing them into your narrative or argument. Your writing becomes more lively and interesting.

  3. Emotion and Tone
    Strong verbs are more likely to convey emotion and tone, adding layers to your writing. They help you show rather than tell, which is crucial for effective storytelling.


What's the best way to use strong verbs?


Be Specific
Choose verbs that precisely convey the action or state of being. Instead of went, use hurried, stumbled, or dashed.

Don't overdo it
While strong verbs are effective, using them in every sentence can overwhelm your reader. Balance is key.

Revise for Impact
Often, your first draft will be filled with common verbs. During revision, look for opportunities to swap these out for stronger alternatives.


Strong verbs in action

Not - The man walked into the room.

But - The man barged into the room.


Not - She made her point.

But - She hammered her point home.


You can't beat practice

Improving your use of strong verbs takes practice.
Read widely to see how effective writers use them.
Write regularly, focusing on your verb choices, and revise with an eye for stronger, more vivid verbs.
Over time, your writing will become more engaging and powerful.

Remember, your choice of verbs can make or break your writing.
By mastering the use of strong verbs, you'll ensure your writing not only communicates effectively but also keeps your readers hooked from start to finish.


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Feb 3, 2024
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