It's a Numbers Game

Are you about to write a blog … or an email newsletter? Want to get your hands on a secret weapon – a magic potion that will intrigue, entice and convince your readers?


8 Tips about using numbers in your writing


We're talking numbers. Here are 4 reasons to make them your friend -

  1. Tell them what to expect

    When you use numbers in your titles and content, you tell your readers exactly what to expect. Whether it's '5 Tips to Improve Your Writing' or '20 Healthy Recipes You Can Make in 30 Minutes,' numbers make your posts, newsletters and blogs tangible and actionable.

  2. Boost Clarity and Readability

    Numbers help organise your content, making it easier for readers to follow along. They break down complex information into digestible chunks. For example, listing '3 Reasons Why' or '10 Steps to' simplifies the reading process, smoothly walking your audience through your article.

  3. Enhance Sharing Potential

    Posts with numbers in their titles are shared more on social media. They offer a clear value proposition -
    Know what you'll gain before you even click. This clarity boosts shareability, extending your reach.

  4. Improve SEO

    Search engines love structured content. Using numbers makes you more likely to rank higher in search results. People often search for specific advice and solutions, like 'top 10 tools for...' or '5 ways to...,' putting your numbered post right where it needs to be.


4 Tips for Using Numbers Effectively


  1. Choose the Right Number

    The number you choose can significantly impact your post's attractiveness.
    Odd numbers, such as 7, 11 and 19 work best.
    They sound more authentic. Selecting a nice round number like 10 suggests that there might be more reasons/ways/steps, but you're only giving out 10 of them. Seems a bit mean.

    But – using a more random number suggests that your list is exhaustive – that there are precisely X reasons/ways/steps, and you - outrageously generous expert that you are - are listing every single one.

    And don't shy away from larger numbers if they fit your content. Just ensure the number matches the depth of your advice.

  2. Keep Your Promise

    If your title promises ten tips, make each point valuable. Avoid filler content.
    Your readers must feel they can trust you.

  3. Balance Quality and Quantity

    While it's tempting to go for big numbers, never sacrifice quality. It's better to have five solid, well-explained points than 20 superficial ones. Aim for depth and detail in every tip or step you provide.

  4. Use Numbers in the Body too

    Beyond titles, integrate numbers throughout your post to maintain structure and focus. Subheadings with numbers keep readers engaged and help them track their progress through your article.


Use numbers to transform your blogs, posts and newsletters

Incorporating numbers into your blog writing can be part of your strategy to make your content more appealing, readable, and shareable. From crafting compelling titles to structuring your content, numbers will transform your blog into a go-to resource for your audience.

So, the next time you sit down to write, consider how you can strengthen the power of your writing by using number power.

Your readers and your analytics will thank you for it.

They really will.

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Feb 18, 2024
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