Copywriting Clarity - the most important quality of all

Those who know me well (yeah, I know. It's tough!) will be aware of the Copywriter Pro strapline -
Clear, Concise and Compelling.
The greatest of these is Clarity (Now where have I heard a line like that before?).

And that's the problem with this election card.


Clever or Clear? It's not easy to be both

When it plopped onto the doormat, my first thought was -

'Oh ... Keir Starmer. It's from the Labour Party. Why does he want me to vote Reform?'

My second thought -

'Oh no ... it's from Reform. They're trying to be clever by telling me that, weirdly, Starmer wants me to vote for them'.

But no. I flipped the card over to find a list of reasons why voting Labour would not be a terribly good idea.

Then ... right at the bottom it read - Vote Conservative.

So, from the very start, I was confused.
Had the Conservative campaign team been clever?

'Clever' maybe - but surely not Clear.
I harbour a sneaking suspicion that I'm not the only recipient to have been initially befuddled.

What about you and your marketing messages?

Are you 100% sure about their Clarity?
Do check ... because Clarity matters most.
The Concise and Compelling bits will wait.

And if you're not sure?
Hmmm .... if only you knew of a friendly copywriter who could help.

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Jun 28, 2024
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