Press Releases - still alive and kicking!


Who needs Press Releases? As part of the Newspaper dinosaur family, aren't they pretty much extinct?

Far from it! Although traditional newspapers seem to be breathing their last, Press Releases today, in this age of digital marketing, are as vital as ever they were - maybe even more so.

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If you have a business, you need Press Releases


Simply because, any time anything new takes place in your business, you need to be telling the world.
When we say 'anything', this could be

- a business launch
- a takeover or merger
- opening a new office, department or store
- launching a new product or service
- announcing an expansion
- welcoming a new appointment

You might also need to issue a Press Release to announce or explain bad news, such as the closure of an office or store. A Press Release is the perfect way to put a positive spin on a negative story.


Press Releases - much more than newspapers, radio and TV

In this digital age, we're talking about much more than sending your Press Release to local or national newspapers, radio and TV stations.
You'll want to put them up on your website, on LinkedIn or your social media platforms.

There's a strong link too between Case Studies and Press Releases. When you have a client success story, you should certainly be writing it up as a Case Study. Then, it's just a small step to converting this into a Press release. After all, it's positive publicity for you and for your client.

Press Releases should be yet another weapon in your communications armoury - a chance to ensure a consistent message across your business.

And here's a handy article with a few tips on how to write your own press release.

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