Blogs & Articles for Websites


Blogs are great.


First - they keep your web visitors informed about the latest news in your sector - helping you to come across as an authority.

Second - they can be fun and entertaining. This gives you and your business a human face - making you worth knowing.

Third - blogs are a terrific base for newsletters, social media posts, print article and press releases. Write a regular blog and you'll have instant ammunition for each of these marketing platforms.

Fourth - blogs are simply wonderful for SEO - Search Engine Optimisation.


Why blogs matter for SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

To persuade the search engines to love your website, you have to keep it fresh. Google will never love you if you let your site gather dust.
Google favours websites that are organic, living spaces - havens of information, with pages linked to each other in a logical, intuitive way.

When checking your website over every few weeks, the web 'spider' checks out fresh content and analyses links. It makes judgements as to how each of your pages should rank according to various search words and phrases. Google knows, not only how many visitors have landed on your pages, but also, how they have navigated around your site and which links they've clicked on.

Blogs are a great way to fulfil these criteria. But - it's no good posting any old blogs in any old way.


What makes a great blog?

To be effective for SEO, your blogs must

  • be well-written - engaging and useful
  • be well-structured - with properly defined headings and sub-headings
  • contain well-researched search words and phrases, distributed carefully throughout the blog (definitely not spammed across the entire article)
  • contain links to other pages on your website, with carefully selected anchor text.

You need a blogging strategy, a plan.
For more on this, take a look through some of these Blogs & Articles.

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