Newsletters - keeping the conversation going


Call them newsletters. Call them emails. Either way, their proven power and potential is the same. They are still among the most cost-effective Direct Marketing platform you can use.

They’re personal to the client and relevant to their interests –
all at a fraction of the design, production and delivery costs of traditional print media.
Effective newsletters work because they are

  • well designed
  • created with flair
  • concisely written

Newsletter design, writing, fulfilment and reporting

You need carefully considered and constructed Subject Headings. Your newsletters need to go out on the best day of the week and at the best time of day. You need newsletters that don’t just grab the readers’ attention - but keep it.

The Copywriter Pro Newsletter service can be as simple or as comprehensive as you need.

  • Newsletter design and writing
  • Newsletters that are tested to make sure they’re spam-free, giving them the best chance of passing through your clients’ spam filters.
  • I'll follow up every campaign with a report detailing how many newsletters were sent, delivered, opened and clicked.
  • A fail-safe ‘unsubscribe’ service, so you’ll always be on the right side of the GDPR regulations.



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