SEO Website Copy - giving your pages the best chance of ranking high in the Search Engines


SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Having a great website is a priority requirement for your business.
But if no-one can find your website - what's the point?
Clearly, you need your website to feature as high as possible on the search engine results pages but - and it's a big 'but' - only for the search terms that your visitors use when they're looking for your type of products or services.

Using years of SEO experience and know-how, I'll give your website a great chance of reaching page one of Google.


SEO - keeping your reader engaged

So many factors affect how well your website ranks on Google and the other search engines. Many of these are highly technical and related to the coding of the website. But did you know? One of the biggest factors affecting your web pages' Google ranking is the quality of the copy - how well it's written.

How come?
Well - Google measures how long each visitor spends on your web page. It also tracks how that visitor moves around your website from one page to the next. The longer a visitor stays on your site or re-visits it, the greater the chance you have of your site ranking high on the search engines. I'll write your website words in a way that doesn't just grab your reader but also holds their attention - keeps them glued to your pages.

It's all in that magic word - 'engagement'. By captivating your website visitor, and persuading them to re-visit, you'll massively boost your chances of a high SEO ranking.


Keeping things fresh for SEO

No-one likes a stale smell. We recoil from the whiff of stale fish or the smell of dirty socks.

Google feels the same way about your website. The more often Google passes by your website and detects that you haven't refreshed it with new content, the more likely it is to ignore your site and to move on to pastures more enticing. So what kind of 'fresh content' is Google looking for? It could be

  • additions or amendments to current pages
  • new pages
  • blogs or articles

Regularly update your website's content and you'll keep Google's nose twitching.


Your DIY SEO Checklist

It's natural to be wary of SEO. Over the years, it's earned the reputation for being a sinister art.
But you know what?
There are a handful of basic steps we can all take to give our blogs or web pages a fighting chance of scaling the dizzy heights of Google.
Click on the image to download an infographic that will show you how.

seo tips 1


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