'Drop that gun!' he shouted disarmingly

Ever heard of a ‘Tom Swifty’? Well, it’s a wonderful pun-loving phenomenon. Tom Swift is a fictional character from a series of books by Edward Statemeyer. The puns are based on adverbs or adverbial phrases … and they look like this –

‘Turn on the radio,’ said Tom with a short wave.
‘I’ll try to dig up a couple of friends,’ said Tom gravely.
‘I got the first three wrong,’ said Tom forthrightly.
And for you German speakers, ‘Drei … funf,’ said Tom fearlessly.
‘That’s a very large herring,’ said Tom, superficially.
‘I have no flowers,’ said Tom lackadaisically.
‘Careful with that chainsaw,’ said Tom offhandedly.

Did you think this piece of nonsense was fun? Plenty more where it came from.
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Jun 9, 2020
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