Jargon in copywriting
JARGON – DOES IT HAVE ITS PLACE? We all know what a turn-off jargon can be. If you want to disengage your reader with your copywriting , go ahead. Flummox them with the finest jumble of gibberish your industry, sector, trade or profession can summon up.
May 26, 2022
Longest day? - Longest word, sentence and novel
Well - that was a nice weekend. Did you enjoy 'the longest day?' Was that you I spotted dancing naked round a bonfire in your back garden - maintaining social distance at all times of course? So - from longest days to longest words, sentences and novels.
Jun 21, 2020
The most powerful word?
A recent survey concluded that the most powerful word in the English language is ...
Jun 14, 2020
'Drop that gun!' he shouted disarmingly
Ever heard of a ‘Tom Swifty’? Well, it’s a wonderful pun-loving phenomenon. Tom Swift is a fictional character from a series of books by Edward Statemeyer. The puns are based on adverbs or adverbial phrases … and they look like this –
Jun 9, 2020
Famous last words
'The trouble with you', I was cruelly, but possibly accurately, reminded the other day, 'is that you always have to have the last word' ... which got me thinking. There have been some pretty memorable 'last words'. Here's a handful -
Jun 9, 2020
You go Uruguay and I'll go mine
It had to happen. No lover of words can go for long without stumbling across the wit and no-little-wisdom of the great Groucho Marx.
Jun 9, 2020
Beware of Hellenomaniacs
Hellenomania - a madness for things Greek - and sometimes Roman too. This unfortunate condition most frequently crops up in the world of words.
May 31, 2020
A limerick for copywriters
It was National Limerick Day the other day. I can't resist posting the Copywriter's limerick composed by Monica Sharman -
May 23, 2020
Oh Mr. Obama! How could you?
My wife, Ali, and I sometimes play the game of celebrities we'd like to invite round for tea. Bradley Walsh is on the list. So is Richard Osman. Then there's Stephen Fry. Countless others, who simply come across as nice people who do good - or at least, do no harm. High on the list is that nice President Obama, who would, of course, be welcome to bring Michelle along. (His successor as President is not so high on the list. Neither is Andrew Windsor).
May 10, 2020
Word Squares - beat those Coronavirus blues
Here's a little something to help while away those self-isolation hours. My family have been playing this for years. It's a simple word game. Well, what do you expect? Words are my life and many would say I'm simple! You can play this at home but it also works using Zoom or other conferencing platforms.  
Mar 31, 2020
What's your favourite word?
First of all, I'll tell you about mine.
Mar 25, 2019
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